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$4-5 pillows!

I was looking everywhere for pillows for my living room and really didn’t want to spend any money on them.  So then I started looking for fabric and that too turned out to be a bust because cute designer fabric can be pricey!  Plus, I am not the best at sewing.  While shopping at target I ran into these bad boys and thought perfect!  They are place mats and run around $2-4 depending on the print.

As you can see they are doubled up (two layers of fabric) and that is what you need in order to make this work.  I started in the lower corner with my seam ripper and made a small cut to so I could start stuffing it.

pillow3Luckily I had extra batting on hand, but I have been know to rip apart a old pillow to save a buck.

pillow1Then I just threaded a needle and ran a running stitch to sew it but up after I was done.  pillow4This turned out perfect because the place mats already had the cute detail around the edges and let’s face it I am impatient and would never spend the time making an insert like that!  pillow5I am obsessed with this awesome bird print Target has out right now.  Let us know what you think and thanks for stopping by!


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One thought on “$4-5 pillows!

  1. Holly Sutter on said:

    I totally did this with a few placemats a few years ago and loved the idea! Way cheaper. Love the prints you found, I might have to go check them out 🙂

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