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Farm House Arrow

So I thought I would write about this awesome arrow I made.  arrow

Truth be told I saw a couple at Junkstock here in Omaha and thought they looked pretty cool and then I thought, heck I can do that!  They did theirs with old base board and I didn’t have that on hand.  So I opted for free fencing. 


So I ripped apart a fence to get some wood.  I liked the thickness of this one but if you want it chunky, go for it!


I then cut one board down to 2 1/2 feet to make the length.   I left the ends square on this one.  Then I cut 6 boards to 8 inches with a 30 degree angle on both sides parallel, not opposite.  I thought 45 would look to drastic and really liked the way the 30 turned out.  Make sure you check your sides when cutting, you don’t want to end up with the ugly side out because you got caught up in trying to not turn your saw blade.


Glued and stapled (1″ staples) the angles on.  I just lined up the angle in the center.  I ended up butting the four on the left end all together.  Originally I had them separated making two fletchings or feather ends, but ripped them off and liked them better the other way. 


Finally, I painted the angle pieces a cream color and left the length the natural wood.  I regularly check the miss tints and make caulk paint out of the cheaper ones, but that will have to wait for a different tutorial!  I was crazy (or impatient?) and painted them when it was already attached.  But for you more cautious DIYers paint the 6 angled pieces first.   When that was dry I came back with this product from modern masters and glazed the entire thing.  A couple of drops of Coffee Bean and Burnt Umber made the final color.  Sealed it with some poly and called it good.


I used a key hole router to make two holes in the back and knew I wanted it to hang horizontally, pointed left.  Technically if you want to be able to hang it both ways or vertically you could end up with 6 key holes but I thought that was out of control!  You could also attach wire with staples or eyelets and tie on string. 


Not sure I like where I hung it yet but I definitely LOVE it!  Another cool statement piece.  Let us know what you think and thanks for stopping by!


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2 thoughts on “Farm House Arrow

  1. Theresa on said:

    Very cute!! I like that you went with 2 stains. I need to get a nail gun to try this one.

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