The Rustic Room

Tire Planter


I think this turned out really cute and it serves it’s purpose so here’s the how to if you need one in your life.  (Because who doesn’t have a bunch of tires laying around?)  I first took a can of red spray paint and painted the front and sides of the tire.  Then added our house number and last name.


On the tread side of the tire I drilled holes through just where the bottom would hang.  I don’t think it matters the size of the bit or how many holes.  I just wanted it to drain so my plants didn’t flood.  Also their is a layer of metal in the tire so to drill it out you have to get after it and wiggle it around.


Then my lovely hubby volunteered to dig a hole with a post hole digger.  He made it really deep because we didn’t want to mix up concrete.  The 4×4 that we stuck in there was about 5 ft tall and probably 3 ft sticks out.


We put the tire hanging over the 4×4.  Then we drilled a hole through the back of the tire on top so we could add a washer and lag bolt to hold it in place.


We did the same thing on the inside of the tire in the front. Then I added dirt and stole a couple plants from my other planters and stuck them in there.  They are a little sad since we weren’t here to water for a week.  I am hoping they will snap out of it!


Now we have a house number which I was fretting about since January when we moved it!  I still want one on the house but waiting for creativity to strike!  Let us know what you think and thanks for stopping by!


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