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Ahh curtains.  It was such a glorious idea at the time.  curtain13

The reason I decided to take on this giant project was because in the last 2 years curtain prices have sky rocketed!  Its crazy!  J.C.penny use to be my go to place for drapes.  I could count on their 2 for the price of one panels and it would only be $25 bucks!  Well now all they have is designer curtains and they are $80-god knows what.  I was in more of a predicament because I had to have ten foot ceilings in our house and you really can’t find 9 foot long curtains in stores (and by the way if you are thinking oh just get the 84 inch ones, you would be wrong, looks totally gay).  Case in point: old curtains from last house up to block the light until I figured something else out!


Nine foot (108 inch) curtains are all special order and they are all $100 a panel.  So if you are like me you realize 10 curtains equals $1000 plus dollars.  Ugh!  So I found some helpful tips online went to hobby lobby and got duck fabric.  It is thicker then cotton but not as nice as the home decor fabric.  They told me it wouldn’t last as long but that didn’t stop me because knowing me I will change it out before they get worn or my husband will decide it’s time to move yet again 🙂


So I cut the fabric to 114 inches.  I wanted a three inch fold on the top and I wanted room to work with a hem on the bottom.


Then I ironed and ironed and ironed.  On the two long sides I made about a 1/2 fold over and ironed.  On the top side I did this as well.


The I folded it over a 1/2 inch again and ironed again. On the top side I skipped ironing it at 1/2 inch and went straight for the 3 inch hem.


The I took these queen sheets that I found at Walmart and ironed them.  (I confess I did see this on another blog but can’t remember which one?)  Since my fabric was 45 inches wide the queen sheets worked perfectly because I could get to backs out of one sheet.  At 11 bucks for two you just can’t beat that!  In order for them to be long enough though I had to use my seem ripper and take out the top hem.


This gave me an extra 3-4 inches.


I pinned the sheet to the back side of the fabric and trimmed one side edge to make it fit. Then I just sewed the three sides with my sewing machine.  Leaving the bottom to be hemmed when they were up.  I then decided to make my own curtain rods I found this in the plumbing section at Menards.


There is a 1/2 inch flange and 1/2 inch right angle piece.  I also got a 10 ft long piece of conduit.  This all totaled around $10 and I got a way cooler look than the cheap-o rods at Walmart.  I measured 2 inches outside of my window, cut the conduit to the same size and then screwed one side in.


It is very important to first attach these little rings to the conduit before screwing up the other side!!  You can’t get the conduit out once it is up!!


I then evenly spaced my curtain and clipped it up.  These clips can be found at Walmart and Menards and they run about $6 for 7 and I used all 7 on one curtain.  I thought this a little pricey but didn’t have any other options to get the pleated look.


To finish them off I just pinned up the bottom so they hung evenly on the floor.  Then stitched them up by hand!

curtains14 curtain15

In the end I did save a ton of money.  I figure I spent about $40 on the fabric (for two curtains or 6 1/2 yards), $10 on the lining, and $16 on the hard wear.  I had the iron, sewing machine and thread.  So $66 on one window.  Not bad!  I did also end up doing my eating area also.  In the end I ended up sewing over 32 yards of fabric in one week.  Not my idea of fun!  I still have a ton to hem but I am pleased with the out come!  Thanks for stopping by and let us know what you think!


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