The Rustic Room


I have been mulling over the idea of a headboard for a while now.  I had made one previously that was just okay and a temporary fix, but I wanted something awesome!  I then looked into pallet headboards but thought they looked to informal for the detailed stencil on my wall.  I didn’t like the boxy look.


 I needed a cross between my old style and this new rustic look I am going for.  I ended up doing something similar to one that I found online and I love it!  It could not have been more simple and I will walk you though it!


First I found a fence panel that someone was throwing out and measured it across.  Could you believe my luck?  It was exactly 84 inches.  Perfect for a king size bed.


Then I took a large piece of paper and traced out a design for one side.  I then flipped it over and traced the mirror image on the other side.


I then cut out my pattern with a jigsaw.


Then came sanding, which I love.  As you can see I recruited some help!  I sanded a lot!  I wanted to get all of the mold and gunk off of it.  Then when we were done sanding I stained the front with Rust-Oleum weather grey wood stain.


After it was stained, I sealed it a couple of times with poly.  I made sure to cover every single crack even on the insides.


Finally, I used modern master glaze and went over it with a coffee bean color to bring out the wood grain.


Instead of attaching it to the bed frame I just attached it with long screws to the studs in the walls.  It is a little larger than our bed because I made it to fit a king and we ended up taking back the king we just bought (Ugh).  I think the formal cut across the top off sets the rugged looking wood and blends beautifully in my space!  I love it!  Thanks for stopping by and let us know what you think!


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