The Rustic Room

Statement Art


This was super cheap and turned out totally awesome!!  I forgot to take pictures of the paint process but I will try to walk you through it!


So originally I had just this hanging in my living room and if you can’t/don’t have access to power tools you could go this route!  I took a canvas drop cloth that was like $7 at Menards.  I cut it down to a manageable size and then I sewed all four sides back.  I left a little 3 inch over hang on the top size (folding back) so I could screw it into the wall.  I then sealed the front side of it with oil based primer.  I found some paint they had in the miss tint section for $.50 and grabbed a few colors I liked.  I poured paint generously just on the left side of the canvas.  I kind of made zig zags and dots because I have been digging the ikat patterns lately.  I then folded the right side of the canvas onto the left and pushed it down so the color would smush to both sides.  I did this a couple of times to get the look I wanted and then let it dry.  I hung it up and it just didn’t look right.  It sat there for a couple of months and I realized I was on something when I sewed the sides because they were definitely not straight!  And it had a lot of wrinkles.  If I were to do it again I would of ironed it before I painted!  So I took it down and ironed the back which work pretty well considering I was ironing paint.


Anyway, I decided to make a frame for it.  It is huge.  Like 4ft X 5ft.  I used old (free) fencing that was pretty wide and ripped off four slots.  I then measured and cut them at a 45 degree angle.  Then I biscuit joined my four corners, but since it was so big I ended up bracing it across the back.


I then held it up and decided the frame needed paint so I painted it grey and then stapled the canvas to the frame.


Here it is up close.  I did use some metallic paints and like the way it pops.


I really love it framed and it just looks finished now!  If you are interested in doing this and need more specific directions let me know.  For less than $15 how could you not?  Let us know what you think and happy painting!


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