The Rustic Room

Hallway at Eagle Drive

Before and after on our little hallway/drop zone area.

So this is the hallway right when you come in from the garage.  I put up wall hooks knowing I wanted to make it look nicer in the long run.  Backing up though, for those of you who don’t know we built our house ourselves (with the help of our neighbors: my dad and step-mom Molly).  It was quite a feat.  Pictured here is my dad doing more endless work in my ever changing house!


First we added wood paneling to the wall.  I was debating on weather or not to do this for cost purposes but I really liked the way it feels more finished verses just painting the drywall white.


Then we added a shelf and added 1×3 to make the board and batten look.  I caulked everything and then added my white trim color to it.


Finally we hung the hooks back up (from hobbylobby) high and low so the kiddos could reach some.


I hung this amazing photography done by our friend Niki Morgan with Wild Out West Photography.  (You should check out her stuff it’s amazing!! )  It’s the road headed up to my dad’s elk camp in the fall so it also has sentimental value to me and my husband.


And I am really not sure about all that weird stuff I put on the shelf!  Haha another project for another day! Thanks for stopping by!


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