The Rustic Room

Laundry Room-Eagle Drive

    Laundry Room Make Over!!

20150531_072705 20150531_072713

Originally when I put together my laundry room and realized I could stack my washer and dryer I had to do it!! I thought brilliant space saver!  I did not take into consideration my laundry habits and it ended up just being a mess in here.

laundry1I decided to unstack them and put a shelf across the top because I needed that extra room and how nice is it to fold at waist level?  Way better!!  I added shelves to the top left and a couple of baskets to store stuff in.  I also added polka dot vinyl to the fronts to make it a fun place to be.  I hate laundry!!  I have also been gushing over succulents for a while and decided to go for it.  So I added them to little candle holders I had laying around.  The wooden box and jars I found at my grandmas house.  The glass mask I found in Mexico over 10 years ago.


I kept the laundry sorter that I had my dad made.  I am thinking of shortening it because lets face it I am not that great at sorting.  It usually goes towels, whites/dryclean, everything else!!!  Behind this sorter is hidding plumbing because I did have a sink in here.  After I flooded my house a couple of times trying to soak towels and walking away I made my husband take it out.


I never really used my hanging rod and can’t really unless I shorten the sorter.  But I am okay with that.  I did these two color pencil drawings chair drawings in college and the circles are just old really cool old rusty parts we found out at the ranch.


I made the sign I just want to make nice things and the sign la blanchisserie (which means laundromat).  I am loving the coral with the silver blue washer and dryer.  The toilet paper basket was from hobby lobby and so were the gold arrow knobs.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions!

Thanks for stopping!


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